San Diego must be nice this time of year

I'm finally submitting my ERAS application. It took me long enough. I'm applying to an obscene number of programs, especially since I'm very much leaning towards staying right where I am. It was funny today. I had two different attendings tell me that they didn't even need to see my app. One attending asked when I was interviewing. I told him that I hadn't even submitted my application yet. He kind of laughed and said for me, it wasn't necessary.

I would like to stay here for residency. There are all sorts of reasons I shouldn't stay here. It's always a good idea to train at a different location so that you can see a variety of conditions and managements. It'd be nice to go to a program where I can get a nice fellowship and a good faculty position. It'd be nice to work at an institution that runs more efficiently. But what it boils down to for me is that if I stay here, I know it's going to be another 3 years where my romantic future will go bbbpllbffplt.

I'd like to believe that it wouldn't make a difference where I am. I'd like to believe in fate and destiny and finding that perfect person for you. Except I know that fate and destiny and all that stuff is bullshit. I know that if I plan on procreating, I have to go to the East or West Coast. But I can't stand the idea. I can't stand the thought that my ability to attract another human being is entirely dependent on geography.

You know, it's amazing just how low you can set your sights in life. I used to think that what I wanted was someone who was perfect for me, who could understand me, who loved me, who I could share my life with. At this point in my life, my romantic aspirations total to this: I'm looking for a girl who will let me feel her up occasionally.

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