The toll of medical school

My New Year's resolution this year was to get back to healthy living. I spend countless hours talking to people about improving diet and exercise, and ways to change lifestyle to improve health. And it's good advice, and some of my patients are quite successful. However, it's advice that I should probably heed.

Before I started my third year of medical school, I ate healthy. I bought fresh produce. Turkey was my favorite meat. I ran a few times a week. I worked out a lot. I was probably in the best shape of my life. Then came clinicals.

Since that fateful July 1st, my health has gone into a tailspin, because after a 30 hour call, I just didn't have the energy to do anything else, muchless exercise. And every year, I've gotten fatter and more complacent. So I have finally decided that it's time to change. And so I am returning to healthy living.

And I think to myself that medical school has taken a considerable toll on my life. I was physically great. I was mentally stable. I was doing quite well. And as much as I enjoy being a doctor now, it's with the knowledge that I spent so much time taking care of medicine that I forgot to take care of me.


cardiactamponade said...

I see the same thing in myself too. Medical school was bad healthwise, but residency training is much worse.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, and I am quite glad that you have decided to try to post once a week! Thank you!

Lenavis said...

hahahah senior year of high school has done the exact same thing to me...btw i'm curious, when exactly do med students start having internships (and are they pretty much the same thing as these clinicals that you speak of)? in their 3rd year? :|

incidental findings said...

Intern year is the first year after medical school. Clinical rotations start in the 3rd yr of med school.

David P said...

you write well. I like your stuff quite a bit.

Medical school has ruined me. I have gained a lot of weight. I am psychologically crushed as I have failed Step 2 CK. I am afraid I will not match this year. I have a heavy debt burden. I am full of resentment and regret.