Match Day

Thursday (today) is the Match. Students found out on Monday whether they have a spot or not, and the unfortunate had to go through the Scramble on Tuesday and Wednesday, and today, everyone finds out their fate. It is a far more ominous day than any other day in medical school.

I have some patients who have children in medicine or are pre-meds, and they are pushing their kids towards subspecialty careers, which makes me sad as an internist. And the thing that I want to tell them so desperately is that there is no price tag on being happy with your job. I could've been paid far more than I'm earning now, but I love my current position, and I don't want more money. I'm happy now.

So, to all your MS4's out there, I hope you don't get what you want, but that you get what will make you happy. And those two may not be the same thing, but when it is, everything else falls into place.


Anonymous said...

I have a question concerning match day: If you do not get placed with a match, what happens next? Are your dreams of working in the medical field over?

incidental findings said...

That's what the Scramble is. If you don't match and fail to scramble into a spot, then you can try for unfilled spots, or there's always next year... :(