Dear Rhona

I listen to a lot of medical podcasts, in an effort to try to keep pace with the changing medical world. I find that the podcast is the perfect bite-sized piece of information and, with an ipod, can be played just about anywhere while doing just about anything. I listen while I cook or clean, and I've been doing okay except for The Lancet, which is a difficult podcast to follow because of the sheer volume.

But recently, I got a most pleasant surprise: the soft, lilting, Scottish accent of Rhona McDonald, a substitute for the regular Lancet podcaster, Richard Lane. I was actually listening attentively. I have never seen this woman before, and know nothing about her, but I have to admit, I've got a little voice crush.

It reminded me of a girl I knew in college who was a very attractive Chinese girl, but the amazing thing about her was that she had this smart British accent. She grew up in Hong Kong, and spoke proper British English. It's funny how something as silly as an accent can carry so much weight in our minds.

Along the same lines, I had one friend who had such a pleasant, wonderful voice, and whenever she talked to me, I felt all warm and fuzzy. I wanted to have her record my answering machine message. I was so enamored with her, just by her voice, but apparently, since pretty girls are my Kryptonite, I never could manage to say more than 3 words to her at a time, and I haven't seen or heard from her in years. But oh, what a voice.

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