Gratuitious post entirely about staring at butts

I'll admit it. I spent a good 20 minutes watching the various health care women going about doing their jobs, ogling quite unashamedly. There are so many different women out there: phlebolomists, radiology techs, IV nurses, floor nurses, patient care techs, nursing students, PT, OT, speech therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists... and there are a pretty decent number of attractive women in each of these groups.

What I don't understand though is that it seems like the radiology techs have far and away the highest proportion of attractive young women. I went down to radiology one day and it was like I was in a sorority. I felt dirty afterwards.

And part of the wonder of health care is that everyone seems okay with wearing scrubs, the flimsiest piece of clothing imaginable, and if tied up or tucked in just right, leaves little to the imagination.

But the uncomfortable point is that as fun as it is to look, it's not what I want. I'm sure there are plenty of attractive women out there who, when presented with the possibility of marrying a doctor, would jump at it. I have in fact had parents introduce their daughters to me, in the wild hope that I might marry them. And if that was all I was looking for, pretty and desperate, the world would be my oyster. But I want more than that. It seems like such a simple request to find someone who shares my interests and we can be passionate about the same things.

And it's a true shame that one cannot determine if a woman likes to go to baseball games or out for sushi or if she likes arty movies or big band music simply by staring at her ass. It would also make for easier conversation starters. "I see you like to go to museums" sounds a lot better than "You have a nice butt."

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