Lent is a strange time, because for the entire time of Lent, there's no alleluia. Really. For the entire duration of Lent, the word 'Alleluia' is never spoken. That's because Lent's not supposed to be a time of celebration. And that's one of the most amazing thing about Easter Vigil. Finally, after nearly 6 weeks, it's time to be happy again, and it feels remarkably good, like you got over a cold that you didn't know you had.

I have to admit, this year, I really wasn't into Lent. I was phoning it in. And man, this year's Vigil service was rough. But with that first Alleluia, everything was better, like a weight was off my shoulders. It was such a wonderful feeling.

And I envy the people getting baptized, because it's must be so great to have Easter Vigil be your first Easter. It's like the first football game you see is the Super Bowl. And it's always so exciting to see these folks, adults choosing to be Catholic. And even after all these years, it makes you feel happy to be Catholic.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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