Things that go bump in the night

Calvin: Help me (hic) get (hic) rid of (hic) these darn (hic) hic (hic) hiccups!
Hobbes: How?
Calvin: (hic) Scare me.
Hobbes: Our oceans are filled with garbage, we've created a hole in the ozone layer that's frying the planet, nuclear waste is piling up without any safe way to get rid of it...
Calvin: (hic) I mean surprise me (hic).
Hobbes: That doesn't?! Boy, you're cynical...

Last night, I had by far my worst nightmare in years. I wish that I could say that it was trolls or falling to my doom or something otherwise frightening, but it was me sitting in a big room taking the Boards. And I was doing bad. REAL bad. And I didn't finish. And I got my results instantly. And of course, I failed.

And then I lost my position. And then my girlfriend dumped me (waitaminute, I had a gf?), and everything was horrible.

Y'know, lately, whenever I have nightmares, they're not ghosts or things like that It's all stuff that is stuff that I wake up in the morning, and I'm not any less scared. The whole point of a nightmare should be that you wake up and feel safe. You shouldn't wake up in the morning and feel worse than you did in the dream!

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TigerLily46 said...

I have dreams about missing an exam in a class that I didn't know I was registered for. Oh-- and I'm naked.