It's been a while

"Hello, my name is Dr. I Finding. I was part of the code team called to see your husband. When I arrived at his room, he had been found unresponsive without a pulse. We put a monitor on him and we saw that his heart was in a dangerous rhythm, so we shocked him several times to get him out of it, but instead, it got worse. We gave him high doses of emergency medications to try to jump start his heart, but he did not respond to any of these.

"We also put a breathing tube down his throat to help him breathe, and we did CPR to pump his heart for him, and briefly, his heart was beating on its own, but it quickly gave out and we had to go back to CPR.

"Finally, we tried all the medications that we could, and all the other measures at our disposal, but we could not get his heart beating again, and he expired. We did everything we could. I'm so sorry for your loss."

I tell you, there is no worse feeling than telling some poor woman that the love of her life is dead. And even worse when she thanks you for it.

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