I have actively been turning patients away from my clinic. This is a crime. I've met fantastic people that I would love to see in my clinic, but I have to tell them the truth: I'm booked solid for the next 3 months. In fact, I'm double booked through most of my continuity clinics.

The true crime of this is that a lot of those bookings are patients that aggravate me. They don't listen to what I say and just rampantly ignore what I try to do to help them, but they show up and drone on interminably about how their lives suck and how I should prescribe more vicodin.

I feel like I should just tell them that it's because of them that I've been turning people away. It's because of them that I've had to refuse to take some wonderful people, and that, if they're so dissatisfied with me, they should find someone else. I just want to say to them: there are people who would love to have that double booked appointment that you can't stop complaining about, so if you wanna find some other doctor, go find one, because I've got other people waiting.


Dr. Luke Van Tessel said...

Can I have some Vicodin? My fibromyalgia has been awful. Just the thought of it makes me nervous. Better give me some Xanax, too.

DvD said...

I'm allergic to vicodin, toradol, darvocet, ASA, tylenol, all NSAIDS, and everything else that's not oxycontin. Oh, can I have some xanax too?

Anonymous said...

only painkiller that works for me is demerol... 25 mg.. IV