Yet another blogger got dooced. I find this most amusing, not because of the fact that firing someone for expressing their opinions in a public forum is sheer evil, but because the person doing the firing is a writer for the NY Times and decided to write an article about it that borders on libel (not slander, as the Spider Man movie so accurately related).

I am obsessed with neologisms. I think they're intriguing, and being dooced is certainly one of those new fascinating words that seems so weird, but finds its use so aptly, now that blogging is so very common, and that blogging about work is even more so. Am I concerned? Certainly. I certainly don't want to be fired from my residency, since it's kind of hard to start a new residency after being fired from one. But really, it's not like I've done anything here that is out of bounds. I've resisted the urge to bitch about other residents and my program and other stuff like that, and I haven't divulged patient information.

I'm confident that even if people from my program found this, I wouldn't get fired for it. Of course, famous last words. This site ain't anonymous for nothing.

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