Greener grass

I think part of the difficulty with having a job you love is that it makes it very difficult to think rationally about major life decisions. I really do love my job, but my life is otherwise like plain yogurt. It has no flavor. I get no pleasure out of it.

So here I am, with every possible reason to move and start fresh, live an honest to God adventure, but I am at the same time deeply conditioned to patterns and caution. The same things that make me good at being an internist are simultaneously the qualities that lead me to live a bland and milquetoast existence. 

Recently, I had a couple patients retire and move. They've been with me for several years, and I will really miss them, but I will not miss them as much as I will envy them, because for some people, life is an adventure. But not for me. 


Simple Punch said...

It is your job in life to lose and only the to renew as regain motivation. Remember why you did this in the first place , because you are still who you are only grown. Therefore you have to make the challenge of expanding leadership eg teaching, further study or community projects. Or sometimes it is just necessary to take a longer, and real as in not thinking about things too much, break.

Future Doc said...

Are you okay dude?