In today's world of medicine, I think that people forget that being a physician is a privilege. There are plenty of things in life that you earn with hard work and skill, and medicine requires those things too, but it is a unique privilege to be a physician. We are asked to do things to people that are painful, we are told things in confidence, we are asked to make life or death decisions. We are the ones who have to tell the family that their loved one is now dead.

I have had a lot of fun writing the "Don't be a doctor" series, but I think it might be nice to write something a little more inspirational, and so I am going to embark on another series of posts, about moments I was privileged to witness in my medical career.

You'll have to excuse me for repeating some post content. I have undoubtedly blogged about some of these events before.

(1) How are you?
Even the smallest interactions can have big impacts.

(2) Happy birthday
We took a minute to celebrate her life, even as it ended.

(3) Kindness
It is possible to do good in this world.

(4) Thankful
She had so little to be thankful for.

(5) Reconciliation
Love will always be more powerful than hate.

(6) Enough
Sometimes a person has to say enough is enough.

(7) Comfort
I was not a stranger in his life. I had been a part.

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Kyle Barbour said...

Please do. While I loved that series, I would love as much to hear what is most important or valuable to you about being a physician.

Thanks for all your writing. It has been an inspiration to me.