It's not my fault

Most of the diseases I see are lifestyle related. Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, even colon cancer are all heavily influenced by lifestyle. Ultimately, most people earn their way into my care. So, it is pretty frustrating whenever I meet a patient who refuses to take responsibility for their health.

I met someone who took this to comical levels. He had an excuse for everything. No one wrote him prescriptions. He was blacklisted by local doctors. His PCP wrote for the wrong pills. He was never given appropriate dietary advice. He was never told french fries are bad for you. He was told his appointment was for 4 PM, not 3:20 PM. It was our fault. It was his doctor's fault. It was everyone else's fault.

The problem is that I just don't care. People spend so much time worrying about who is at fault, but the only thing I care about are the results. What difference does it make who is to blame? The only thing that matters is that his A1c is 13.6% and is LDL cholesterol is 171.

Your body is like your car: what you do at home has a whole lot more to do with how your car performs than anything a service station does.

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