This has nothing to do with medicine at all

I am so disappointed that Petrozza lost on "Hell's Kitchen" tonight! I thought it was not right. He was a real gentleman and after the first few episodes, never had a bad service, whereas Christina continually had bad services right up to the end! And Christina's menu was so unimpressive! Sliders? OMFG, I'm not going to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant for mini hamburgers! Not unless it's a black truffle with fois gras hamburger.

But the thing that really got me was the comment at the end by chef Ramsay when he said that Christina had more potential and time, as she was significantly younger. Well, fuck, if you were going to choose Christina anyway, then why bother? Might as well just cut Petrozza a check and let him go home with some dignity. I mean, Christina had food sent back, which alone was enough for previous contestants to lose.

I think ultimately, looking at their menus, Christina's menu did not have much imagination, and really did not excite me whatsoever. Ramsay's restaurants average $100+ for a three course meal. For that price, the food not only has to be excellent, but imaginative. I got a lot more excited by Petrozza's menu, and would be much more likely to eat off of his menu.

It just seems to me more fuel for the 'nice guys finish last' fire. If I was a chef, I wouldn't work for Christina. It would be like having an intern run the medicine service. Personally, I love when I get a seasoned intern on service.

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