Reservations for one

One thing I love is good food. I am a bit of a foodie, and I have expensive tastes at times. Whenever I go out to eat, I can taste the good food. It's not too hard to tell when food has been frozen or pre-made. It's even easier to tell when something is burnt.

The problem with a love of food is that I can't eat at nice places. I don't mind eating by myself. I do it all the time. I tend to get a lot of work done when I eat out. And I don't mind going to slow restaurants and generating some easy money for wait staff. However, good places are busy, and busy places don't want to see 'party of one' on their booking. I know places that won't take that reservation.

There are many reasons why. One person's food takes as long as two, so the turnover on the table will be similar, meaning the restaurant loses the revenue of an entree and drinks. The server still gets a tip, but of a lower total. One person (if they're not a pro and bring some homework with them) has nothing to do but watch the clock, so they will notice late service. There are all kinds of reasons why a restaurant doesn't want my business.

But it's a little sad. Every time I go out to eat, it's frozen food, hastily prepared, without creativity or thought. It's depressing. I have to go home to eat well. When you've been single as long as I have, you start to miss things like eating at nice restaurants.


Kike T said...

Hmmm But incidental, you are a doctor- and a man. Your kind shouldn't want for a date- forgive me for being presumptious. Last I checked, your profession puts you in a category that includes the most eligible men so what gives???? I am trying to understand this whole "been single for a long time" thing. I am not being judgemental or critical at all. Furthermore, going to restaurants with friend may not be as exciting as with a date but its an option.

Anonymous said...

But ifindings, all of the fine restaurants where I dine also have a bar. I'm sure it's not just a decoration in the midwest - couldn't you sit there and not compromise anyone? Or the lounge section of the restaunt? I've held up the bar a few times myself, munching on some inspired delectables and sipping some divine concoction. And I'm a woman - I think it's even more acceptable for men to sit at the bar. Plus, I find (but perhaps this is because I'm a woman) bartenders provide excellent service.


incidental findings said...

I agree that this is an option, sitting at the bar, but almost always, the bar has worse service. Bartenders have other responsibilities, and I've gotten some lousy service in the past. Also, if it's crowded, it's awful trying to eat at the bar.

To Kike T's comment, I think that the one thing I have learned about being a doctor is that it doesn't make you a different person.

Anonymous said...

Dude, take a friend out for dinner, even if it means subsidizing part of their meal [we aren't all internists ;)].

Don't wait for life. You of all people should know how fleeting life is, so enjoy a good meal when you can.