I am finding it harder and harder to write on this blog, as it is very difficult to write and not give away all kinds of personally identifying information. However, I will take this one moment to say thank you to all of our servicemen and women who have given courageously to this country their time, effort, and even their lives. Without the selfless actions of one American GI, my parents would not be alive, and I would not exist.

And I say this for two reasons. (1) Even though we may see our actions as the most trivial of deeds, they can echo throughout eternity. I saved the life of this woman, and I thought to myself: but for the actions of one soldier over 50 years ago. (2) Whatever your political beliefs, please remember that our soldiers have given greatly to this country, putting themselves in harm's way to protect not only our freedom, but freedom itself. That kind of sacrifice should never be forgotten.

I had a patient the other day who was a WW2 veteran. I asked him about his time in the service, and as he was leaving, I shook his hand and told him, "Thank you for your service to this country." He looked at me a little funny, a little nostalgic. He told me it had been years since anyone had paid him such an honor. That's a shame in my eyes.


CT said...

Oh, don't stop writing, please.

Anonymous said...

I've missed you - glad you're back.