A rose by any other name

I was talking with some nurses, and a couple of them were pregnant. So, the all important topic of names came up. I'm always so interested in naming, but I was horrified by some of the girls names they were throwing out: names like Mercedes, Jasmine, Crystal, Summer, Taylor, Porsche, Briana, Tiffany, Brandy... it was like a role call at a strip club!

I think that our names say a lot about us, in spite of the fact that most of us had absolutely no input in choosing our names. It's like that line from the Simpsons about gays: "[Gays] ruined all our best names, like Bruce and Lance and Julian! Those were the toughest names we had!" To some extent, our names are who we are.

So, I wonder if in the not so distant future, there will be a flood of strippers. At least it might help combat the obesity problem in America. But then what will be stripper names? Maybe your next lapdance will be from Gertrude or Beatrice.


SuperStenoGirl said...

It could be worse: Duckem comes to mind.

That poor child. I really pity him.

His parents chose the name because when his mother told his father she was pregnant, he was looking at a can of Duckem motor oil.

How lovely. :/

CT said...

Heh. I know an Erlyn Mayer. Her parents were chemical engineers.

There's also the strange custom of combining both parents' names: Dad is Mar, Mom is Tess. They named their daughter Tuesday.


Helen said...

I really think there should be rules against certain kinds of names. Like after cars, or chocolates (how long have we got until baby 'Truffle' comes into the world?).

I know someone called Lolly, who called her daughter Candy, who caller her daughter Peach. True story!