Pharmacy girl, chapter 2

So, still reeling from my magnificent bit of cowardice with the pharmacy girl incident, I decided to take the initiative, and instead of spending a lazy afternoon in the coffee shops, I went to the hospital, with the explicit purpose of 'casually' running into pharmacy girl. Oh, I had other things to do as well, but nothing that I couldn't have done at any random time in the bowels of medical records.

So, after nonchalantly flitting from floor to floor, running into other residents, I was tired, and ready to go home. I went down to medical records, caught up on charts, went to the cafeteria, and stopped by the bathroom before heading home. And of course, OF COURSE, as I'm walking into the bathroom, I run into pharmacy girl.

A little casual chit chat, and then off we went - me to the bathroom and she to wherever she was going anyway. And now, I have been solidly kicking myself in the ass for the third straight hour. I went to the hospital for the EXPLICITLY STATED PURPOSE of running into pharmacy girl, and caught on my way out, eager to empty my bladder, of course that is when the stars aligned.

West Coast (who asked to be called Chocolate Thunder from now on...) and Surgery Girl both chided me for being a complete pussy. I anticipate that this remarkable piece of timidity will inspire further groans.


TigerLily46 said...

You will get there someday. Don't worry. Just keep pushing yourself to do something that makes you a little more uncomfortable and vulnerable each time. I've gotten burned a few times doing that, but it doesn't even really phase me anymore.

Anonymous said...

Congrats anyway, for making the initial plunge. Next time! :D

I recall that in a (much earlier?) post, you mentioned something about what you'd state as your 'greatest weakness' if asked that in an interview. Do you remember what you wrote?