Going to church

Church today was a funny event. My med school church, I sat in the old people section. There wasn't a person in my pew that was within 30 years of me. However, my new church here, I'm surrounded by young women. And I do mean surrounded. It's a tad awkward. And moreover, I've no clue how one goes about meeting people in church. Can you imagine a weirder setting to meet people?

I like my new church, despite the lack of kneeling. It's nice to be somewhere that people like to go to church, but the problem is that it's death trying to get a seat. I remember my college church and the nightmare that occurred when you got there late.

I miss my college church sometimes. The last year there, me and M would go together fairly regularly, and afterwards, we'd meet up with S and sometimes C and get something to eat. It was so very... social. It was pleasant, and I miss that sometimes. Going to church by yourself is a very hollow experience sometimes.

I still find myself in the very bizarre position of being the most... Catholic person I know at my age. That's not quite right. And I've had people heckle me over this, and it's somewhat funny, because I don't think of myself as that much of a die-hard Catholic. I just go to church and give God his props. I try to be good and do right. That's not exclusive to any religion or belief. It's just being a good person. I'd love to find someone that's in my boat, but it doesn't seem like many people are where I'm at, and that's sad, but that's life too.

I did have one funny moment today. I was planning on going to church straight from the hospital, so I was a little dressy for a weekend in the ICU. One of my patients told me I looked nice today, and I replied that I was going to church, and she asked me to pray for her. Is that what all this Catholic stuff is for? For interactions like that?

I had another funny moment today. I drove past a Burger King, and I remembered that in one of my aunt's more lucid moments, she wanted Burger King, so we went to BK after seeing her surgeon. I don't stomach Burger King much, but now I'm a little sad. I have to admit that I cried a little bit. Who'd have thought anyone could wax nostalgic over Burger King?

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