Stuck in the hospital

Last month, one of the nurses took to calling me doctor. I informed her, on several different occasions, that I'm not a doctor yet. Her reply was that I would be soon enough, and she loved the startled, panicked look on my face when she called me doctor. After all, I'm not very used to it.

For those of you not in the field, being called 'doctor' by others must sound somewhat appealing, but anyone who's been in the hospital knows that the only time someone calls you doctor is when they want something from you.

I've learned that I can only be so upbeat. After doing two months of inpatient back to back, I'm pretty tapped. I just want to get done and go home. I can't be a gunner right now, as much as I'd like to. I'm too tired. I just wish this was all over, but what I've come to realize, to my horror, is that it'll never end until my retirement party. I didn't get home to 8 PM tonight. How nuts is that?

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